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  1. Richard Creer

    Congratulations Anne, you win. The prize is a slice of salted air-dried cow leg.

  2. Bob Garrett

    The weather forecast sadly meant this event was cancelled this year.

  3. Richard Creer

    Is there a case for a request for redress? But I can’t see that there was “an error or omission on the part of the race committee”.

  4. Bob Garrett

    So far 7 boats planning to take part (in various ways), 3 more might if they are ready, and 2 won’t be. Let’s hope the fine weather continues.

  5. Bob Garrett

    For us on Intrepid it was very much a shakedown race. Sue helmed all of it (so I was exhausted!) and the plotter has gone “bonkers” so another item for the to-do list. I was surprised how bumpy the Chichester Bar was but it was a southerly wind and ebbing tide.
    Good to see you all there.

  6. Anne Bonwit

    Great pictures. Looks like you had a super day. The beach is fab in the sunshine but not the same! x

  7. Andrew Reed

    Really good fun on Bart’s Bash. My report:

    Similar to the previous day Celebration and Calypso was out on the line very early pottering about probably like my having coffee and snack.

    There was some excitement on the start line. First was the Mayday DSC alarm that sounded on my VHF radio possibly 2 mins before the start, just before I was about to turn onto my final approach. It cleared my Dual Watch to Channel 37 and the alarm was making a proper racket. So in amongst the approaching yachts I had to pop down into the cabin to clear the alarm and then switched my handheld to channel 37 in the cockpit. So at least I could hear Pam announce the start. Then moments later when making my final positioning for the line I vaguely recall I was turning up wind to get on the start line track but spotted Samurai under my sail who I think was planning to cross the line on Port. Anyway, within seconds I noticed they were tacking to Starboard but by then I had briefly turned downwind to dip behind them anyway. It all happened very quickly, but I think that is what happened.

    The first leg was good for me. After some tweaking I managed to get the yacht going at good speed even though it was a little over pressed (no crew on the rail). Much to my surprise I managed to stay reasonably near the others ahead of me. Then came the pot buoy incident (see post below).

    When well offshore Arcadia and I alongside each other turned north (still on Port I think) and found ourselves on a risk of collision course with a large cruising yacht. I gybed behind it but it had already started to change course a little and it is possible Arcadia could not see it very well as it was in line with my yacht. Anyway, I think there was there was a little brief confusion there. I then headed off from there staying fairly close to Arcadia for a couple more of legs.

    The next leg alongside Intrepid resulted in the nice photo that can be seen on Bob’s post. For the last leg Arcadia and Samurai hoisted downwind sails whereas Intrepid and Calypso stayed with white sails. I think it was Andy I could see on Samurai standing well forward and attentively spinnaker trimming for the entire long leg. Arcadia and Samurai I think were slightly downwind of the ideal course to the mark, probably because it was a Reach. But they got lucky I reckon because as we approached Chi the wind was slightly more westerly which enabled them to easily get to port of the mark with spinnakers/chutes still flying. I lost sight of Rockhopper and Celebration quite a while earlier.

    After the finish line I reefed down and headed on a fine reach back to Gosport. I was glad I had reefed because the wind picked up briefly to a high end F4 or even F5 as I approached the Forts. I was flying along in very little chop along at a steady 6.5Kts. In the distance I could the QE Aircraft Carrier coming into Portsmouth and on the radio Chan 11 QHM announced the Port access was shut for a while. I had to hang around near the Forts until allowed into the harbour. By the time Small Boat Channel was open the wind had died away to less that 5 kts, so it was motoring to get back in.

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  9. Chris Powell

    Many thanks to Sue and yourself for doing committee boat and PRO both days. Excellent start lines and courses. Saturday was a nice gentle introduction with the light breezes, and Sunday was a really good workout!

  10. Michael Smith

    Can we book for 2 to eat at early supper at CYC on 11th September 2021. Can you add Helen’s allergy information namely to eggs in all their forms.
    Mike Smith celebration.

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