Manage Programme – Export for Dutyman

Duty Date,Duty Time,Duty Type,Event,First Name,Last Name,Swappable,Reminders,Confirmed,Duty Notify
21/04/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 1: Bay Series and Fitting Out Supper …,,,Yes,Yes,,,
22/04/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 2: Bay Race,,,Yes,Yes,,,
05/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 3: Spring Mini Series: passage race t…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
06/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 4: CCRC 70th Anniversary Dinner,,,Yes,Yes,,,
07/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 5: Spring Mini Series: passage return…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
12/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 6: Bay Race and Bramidge: Chichester …,,,Yes,Yes,,,
13/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 7: Ladies’ Race,,,Yes,Yes,,,
19/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 8: Passage race to Portsmouth(Gunwhar…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
20/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 9: Passage race return to Chi,,,Yes,Yes,,,
25/05/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 10: Cross Channel Race and Spring Cru…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
09/06/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 11: Summer Mini-Series 1: BBQ at Nort…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
10/06/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 12: Summer Mini-Series 2 & 3,,,Yes,Yes,,,
16/06/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 14: Passage race to Lymington: Royal …,,,Yes,Yes,,,
17/06/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 15: Passage Race: return to Chi,,,Yes,Yes,,,
30/06/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 16: Wooden Spoon Race (Passage) with …,,,Yes,Yes,,,
01/07/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 17: Passage Race: return to Chi (CANC…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
01/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 18: Passage race to Ocean Village: Ro…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
02/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 19: Passage Race/Crews Race: return t…,,,Yes,Yes,,,
09/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 20: Bay Race,,,Yes,Yes,,,
15/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 21: Bay Race: Itchenor SC,,,Yes,Yes,,,
16/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 22: Bay Race – Barts Bash Charity Race,,,Yes,Yes,,,
29/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 23: Passage race: Bembridge,,,Yes,Yes,,,
30/09/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 24: Passage Race: return to Chi,,,Yes,Yes,,,
06/10/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 25: Passage Race to Gosport: Hornet SC,,,Yes,Yes,,,
07/10/2018,00:00,Duty Type,Race 26: Passage Race return to Chi,,,Yes,Yes,,,

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