CCRC Open Weekend 9/10 June – Member Acceptance of New Crew

The weekend of 9/10th June is designated as a CCRC Open Weekend with a Summer Mini-Series of races. There will be one race on the Saturday and two on the Sunday; and on the Saturday night a DIY barbecue in Northney Marina.

In keeping with CCRC goals we hope to use it to introduce more sailors to the pleasures of yacht racing but not just as guest yachts. We intend to offer both yacht owners and potential crew the chance to crew on CCRC members’ yachts for races on both days. Our hope is that some owners may choose to crew on the Saturday to gain experience and then race their own yachts on the Sunday.

To achieve this we need CCRC members to offer to take new crew on either or both days. As reward for having unfamiliar crew you will be awarded an advantage of 0.02 in their handicap for the races. Skippers will of course have the ultimate choice of whether to take on such crew, will have their details and will need to make arrangements for collection and return but I hope Sparkes and Northney make good embarkation points.

To confirm your willingness to take crew please complete the following form. This will aid production of a list of yachts to be involved in the discussion and allocation.

Yacht name: