Yachts and Handicaps

You don’t need a lean, mean racing machine of a yacht; you can race with CCRC in pretty well any single hull yacht with a length from 6 to 15m; and our membership includes a wide range of such yachts.
Our two race classes to encompass all sizes, types and performances, and to provide fair, fun and keen racing.
Many members race short handed in everyday cruising boats, so no need for hi-tech sails or a crew of gorillas.

All yachts are given a handicap which adjusts itself according to their results (based on the RYA NHC system and designated by CCRC as Beta handicap). Individual (and keener racing) yachts may choose to also have a fixed handicap (using the VPRS system) for a separate result in CCRC Alpha fleet indicated by the flag flown.

“The beta fleet is a great environment for my novice crew.”

Alpha Fleet, Class Flag: Code pennant 3

Alpha fleet class flag pennant 3The alpha fleet race with a fixed TCC rating based on the VPRS (Velocity Prediction Rating System). This rating can be easily and economically obtained for your yacht and has been found to demonstrate impressive results for mixed fleets in an increasing number of clubs. CCRC yachts in 2021 were rated between 0.777 (Westerly Konsort) to 0.974 (Elan 333).
Find out more about VPRS.

Beta Fleet, Class Flag: Code pennant 4

Beta fleet class flag pennant 3For those preferring a progressive handicap the CCRC also provide results using the RYA NHC progressive handicap system. This is applied to the whole racing fleet but those without a VPRS handicap fly the class flag for a Beta fleet. This handicap is progressively adjusted, based on results, during the season.