Barts Bash

Bart’s Bash is open to all cruisers – both multihulls and monohulls.
Handicaps will be PY based.
There is no entry fee but please make an appropriate donation to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation at (donate now). This charity provides financial and practical support to sailing organisations in order that less-abled young people can benefit from the sport and recreation of sailing.
Detailed Race Instructions can be found here.

To participate simply complete the form below having noted the following.

Non-members of CCRC will be contacted for further details in order to produce a handicap and provide any other details the club or non-member requires.

  • Be sure to have all information for your yacht and crew before completing your booking.
  • Your booking must be submitted by noon on Friday 16th September 2016.
  • If you have a problem then email

You will receive an email on submission of your booking and another once the booking is confirmed.
If you return to this page after booking then it will remind you that you have already booked.


Bookings (in terms of berths and menu selections) are closed for this event; unless otherwise stated you can still race and/or make your own arrangements.