Exeat RO Announcement

Well who would be a RO on a weekend like this, huh?

The forecast is predicting perfect weather for doing anything outdoors except going sailing!

XC weather are calling a light NE->SE starting around 8 kts, but quickly dying away to 4 kts. I also suspect that there will be less wind in the Western Solent.

On top of this we have no committee boat this weekend!

My current plan is a CCRC gate start at SPARKES with a short beat to CHI (leave to starboard) before chucking the kites up and flopping out west. Almost certainly the 2nd mark will be CAMBRIAN to port.

After that, I will be including a few ‘passing’ marks. These are in as ‘candidate’ finish marks. The course will ‘auto-shorten’ at 15:30. At this time the NEXT mark that the lead boat passes will be the finish mark. This mark should be passed on the correct side within 15m and your time recorded.

15:30 is 4.5 hours after the start time, so a little early given the 6 hour time limit, but with dying wind we might only be off Cowes by then, so I figured it gives more time to Lymington and still have some early evening left.

As always, this is provisional and will be fully confirmed on CH37 at 10:35 tomorrow morning.

Exeat OUT.