Gusty Race

The forecast was for gusty easterly winds so the buoys off Seaview for lunch were deemed too risky. The race start was delayed as it did not need to be so early and a course planned to take us to Portsmouth. Mikado became both PRO and RO, pluckily anchoring at Rizzi for the start. Some 18 boats were expected but some did not start and some did not finish; some not liking the conditions and some suffering from a bit of mal-de-mer. The sea wind was as promised with gusts up to 26 knots making the sea lumpy in patches and rolly in others. The course was a good mix of beats, and reaches plus a long down-wind section from Chi to North Sturbridge which allowed a leisurely lunch. Towards the end I think all were getting tired and keen to get in so the race being shortened was welcomed. In the end 8 boats finished and all had a pontoon party at Hasler as the slightly sunny afternoon turned into a drizzly evening.

Mixed Weekend Weather

The race for Sunday was postponed due to even stronger winds being forecast. Nevertheless all moved on to Cowes under sail or engine where an excellent dinner was held at Island Sailing Club.
Next morning dawned calm and sunny so the fleet headed out for the start of the postponed race. Light winds, a tide soon to turn against us and the forecast of worsening weather later in the day made a almost direct course back to Chi, just leaving Cambrian Wreck to port, was set. The race started almost dead downwind so spinnakers and cruising chutes were quickly raised. Then the wind became contrary with different strengths and directions for each part of the fleet as they tried different tactics.
On Intrepid we just left Ryde Sands post to starboard only to then get pushed back by the tide; leaving it to port while going backwards! Then with the wind veering further and lifting slightly we passed it again. As the shadow of the Isle of Wight was left the wind came up more and the fleet made good speed towards Cambrian Wreck where the race was shortened.

Race Postponed

Please note the following amendments for tomorrow’s race number 3
The race start is postponed until 11.00BST
The time limit is increased to 4 hours
It is likely that Michael on Mikado will be both the PRO and RO