Fitting Out Meeting – Online

Friday saw our usual Fitting Out Supper replaced by a Fitting Out Meeting held online with some presentations and sociable discussions of the programme of CCRC events for 2021.
We agreed to go ahead and start racing on Saturday 17th April; while some boat preparation has been delayed there is enough to have a race for those ready. The rest of the CCRC programme remains as per the published list though options for the usual cross-Channel race and Spring Cruise (end of May) remain open as we doubt crossing to France will be likely.
We talked through race start procedures for Race Officers and competitors plus aids like SailEvent and a new link showing the marks CCRC uses.
We all look forward to getting back on the water ASAP.


A Fine Weekend of Racing

Forecasts for the weekend were for North-Easterly winds gusting over 20 knots but still warm despite being the second half of September. Great conditions for some brisk racing!
Saturday afternoon saw CCRC racing with (and against) Channel Sailing Club whose turn it was to organise the event for this year. They set up a WhatsApp group which added to the inter-boat discussion and announced a course of some 18 miles. Starting south Portsmouth and finishing near Cowes the course had only limited upwind legs though the significant tide was also against us for these legs adding to the challenge. Also added to the challenge was the wind which varied widely in both direction and strength. It was a terrific day to be on the water racing and then most gathered in Cowes for the evening.
Sunday morning was a CCRC race back to Chichester – so mostly against the wind but with the tide. Again it was a terrific race with a fresh breeze which rose and fell in strength and direction – one such sustained gust resulted in the first half of the fleet passing one side of the fort while the second half passed the other side. Then it was through the dolphin passage and some legs between the buoys in Hayling Bay before the finish at Chi. Another super day for a sail in the warm autumn sunshine.
CCRC won the team race against CSC and detailed results for this are on the programme page; the CCRC results for both days will be on the results page.
Sorry, for lack of pictures but I was too busy hanging on!

P1040074-3.JPG P1040077-2.JPG P1040080-1.JPG P1040073-0.JPG