Barts Bash

The race on Sunday was in aid of charity Bart’s Bash and with some guest boats it was a “fun” race; a race where you sailed the announced course until a VHF call “Bang and Go back” at which point you retrace the course to the start. The winner is the first boat back.
The forecast was for some strong gusts but these were not at big as feared and the sea was fairly smooth and it was warm so it turned out to be a good day.
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Itchenor Casket Race

Saturday’s race was the Itchenor Casket and was notable in that it had two distinct halves. As yachts prepared for the start there was a gentle breeze but this slowly died away just after the start. Some struggled to get over the line as “holes” appeared in the wind. Many tacked inshore to avoid the tide and everyone claimed afterwards to have been in a wind-hole while others around them sailed on. Slowly, and in fits and starts, the wind swung round to the south and then suddenly came up. Soon it reached the whole fleet and everyone was storming along. The slow first leg though meant that the race was shortened so that all could finish.
Then most headed to the Itchenor Visitors’ Pontoon for a convivial time before the dinner at Itchenor Sailing Club.

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Bay Race 20

Sunday’s race took the fleet out towards the shipping lane and back twice with legs to Dean Elbow and his Tail! Despite two long legs(!) the fresh breeze meant that few used downwind sails and many were reefed in.

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Passage Race to Southampton

Saturday’s race was a longish passage from Hayling Bay to Southampton. In warm sunny weather with a gentle south-easterly wind the course was mainly downwind but with a few legs taking us into a beat. The start was delayed a little to allow those delayed from leaving their marinas by the low tide. In the race the initial challenge was the decision between a course through the Dolphin passage or between the forts. Those using the Dolphin passage did best. With such good weather Southampton Water was busy for the finish at Coronation.
Then it was into Ocean Village and then dinner at the Royal Southampton YC.


Crews’ Race

Sunday was the CCRC Crews Race – this is where the helm for the race must not be the usual helm, so it gives the crew a chance to show their skills. Once again the weather was splendid: warm, sunny and a gentle south-easterly wind. The course was mainly towards the wind but two legs offered a chance for downwind sails; a chance few took as the wind had backed. During the race the tide changed and the wind dropped so there was constant change in potential positions as different choices were made and different boats performed differently in the different wind strengths. At the finish four boats of the fleet were within perhaps a 100 metres of each other.

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