Cowes Weekend Passage Racing 28th May

Calypso could only join in on the Sunday and Monday of this bank holiday weekend. Even then Calypso was very late departing Gosport for a start line off Lee on Solent. We just made it in time, though had not had time to look at the announced course. So we set off a little confused but after a couple short leg marks we got into the groove. It was rather a good course hopping back and forth over the central Solent area roughly between Hamble Yacht Services and Royal Thames marks. What was most exciting was the broad reach long finish leg between Ancasta and Royal Thames on the southern edge of the sandbank, with a choice of slipping south slightly in to deeper advantageous tide or taking a more direct route in shallower water. Crossing the finish line was Rockhopper, Celebration, and Calypso either with overlap or very close up behind. Someone did manage to take a picture of this close finish but I don’t seem to have it to hand.

The evening was in Cowes with supper in the ISC.

On the Monday the start line was set by Calypso as RO boat using the mark Collette, which unfortunately was somewhat cluttered with pot buoys around it. So the yachts spent a few minutes circling to make sure they know where the pots were. Being a passage race it was pretty much upwind all the way to the finish line at Chi. Just a few tactical options as to where to find more wind and stronger tides.

An excellent weekend away