Race 18 – PRO debrief

That course kinda half worked…
The wind did go from NW to W during the race (30 degree wind shift) (I had figured that in the course design, it just happened much earlier than I had thought it would). It was stronger than forecast, but I think the shorter legs worked OK. The main thing that I got wrong was the shift came in much earlier. In hindsight, should have done the beat – run thing at the start (CHI – WE – CHI) rather than later at HARD – RIZZI – HARD – RIZZI). However the final CHI – RIZZI – CHI worked as a fair beat / run.

Congratulations to Mark on White Magic for as fair a line as we could hope for given the very shifty conditions at the start also for the immaculate timing; particularly as he was single handed.

As a note, the start line had a significant bias down the pin end that came and went during the build up. Mark reduced the severity by:
Having a reasonably short line.
Having deployed a lot of scope, he was able to haul WM to windward significantly to help the situation.
Interestingly, only two boats went any where near the (advantaged) pin end, the rest of the fleet starting pretty much on the committee boat. Food for though perhaps!

One other note, the keen eyed may have spotted a last minute modification to the course from my early morning indication here. I extended the the last beat / run by swapping RIZZI for SPARKES to add a bit when I realized, on the water, that the wind was stronger. The message is… Do not rely on anything published here as the actual course. The conditions are often fluid and a PRO can only finalize on the water reasonably soon before the start.

I would appreciate any feedback on anything but particularly:
Is it a good idea to publish courses early, here (even though they are subject to change)?
How did the course work for you (too long, too short, too biased, not enough reaching, legs too short, too much running)?