Race Postponed

The decision not to race is always difficult and made reluctantly. After mulling over last Sunday I’m sharing my PRO decision making with you as part of the learning process.

At 0630 Chimet had 25kn gusting 30: too much to send the committee boat out so I advised the RO to stay put.

The inshore waters forecast had 6-7 until later but the land forecasts suggested that the wind might ease somewhat by late morning. So we might be able to race later but, with the likelihood of strong winds against the ebb, I felt it prudent to get everyone back over the bar by 1400.

I wanted evidence that the wind was dropping before we ventured out so the best case scenario was one race of an hour or so starting at 1200.

It seemed to me that the choices were
A) postpone hoping to get in one race but be prepared to can it eventually
B) can it early so people could do something with their day but be prepared to look silly if the weather improved.

After consultation with Flag Officers the decision was B.

Was that the best option?