Storm Front Coming…

As Billy Joel sang “Storm front coming, Small craft warning on the radio. We’ve got a low pressure system and a northeast breeze, We’ve got a falling barometer and rising seas, We’ve got the cumulonimbus and a possible gale” and that was the forecast for Saturday!
Nevertheless the CCRC headed out of Chichester for a passage race to Gosport but with the objective of arriving before the front really hit. The race started with a short upwind leg, then a run before a long reach from Chi to Boyne (outside Portsmouth harbour) where the race was shortened. With a race lasting just over an hour a good distance was covered before we headed in to Gosport to dry out from the rain and relax before a super dinner at Hornet Sailing Club.

P1010897-2.JPG P1010896-1.JPG P1010889-0.JPG