Windy Weekend

A windy weekend (28 knot peak on Saturday, 26 knots on Sunday) but still some good, and fast, races. Saturday was a team race between CCRC and Channel Sailing Club. The fiften mile route which included some long beats, was completed by some in just over two and half hours. CCRC won the event with the Wooden Spoon trophy passed over after a splendid dinner at Royal London Yacht Club. Sunday’s race was mostly downwind from Cowes back to Chi. As RO here are some pictures of the fleet as they finished in the race against Channel Sailing Club. Sorry we missed Gunshot with the camera.

P1000153-7.JPG P1000141-6.JPG P1000139-5.JPG P1000146-4.JPG P1000147-3.JPG P1000149-2.JPG P1000150-1.JPG P1000151-0.JPG


A super weekend with lovely breeze on Saturday, warm sunshine and a terrific BBQ at Bembridge with 40 people and 11 boats (I think!). Sunday was still lovely weather but not enough wind to race.

IMG_20170618_083044740-4.jpg P1000123-3.JPG P1000121-2.JPG P1000125-1.JPG P1000126-0.JPG

Cruise – Etretat

Once we actually arrived in France we were blessed with sunshine. Lovely time had by all. I participated in an excursion by local bus to Etretat to see the cliffs and gardens, safari supper in Fecamp, glorious sail to St Valery-en-Caux, clifftop walk, Boules by the beach and the end of cruise dinner overlooking the sea and the sunset.
Courtesy of Anne.

19250682_1467312453328350_7116366210179697354_o-9.jpg 19143327_1467312916661637_7158145252201966998_o-8.jpg 19106072_1467313733328222_673693270226419516_n-6.jpg 19143148_1467313709994891_2173651426953212338_o-7.jpg 19221482_1467313839994878_4193626209784330574_o-5.jpg 19143072_1467314056661523_5891083706884238063_o-4.jpg 19222870_1467314016661527_6379152346005625024_o-3.jpg 19221825_1467314586661470_7677784218258270614_o-2.jpg 19092932_1467312286661700_3997638131010633784_o-1.jpg 19143312_1467312356661693_2710075168820014791_o-0.jpg

Cruise Start Delayed

The start of the cruise was delayed by strong winds so we partied in Sparkes, Northney and Itchenor.
Then, a day late, we sailed across the Channel directly to Fecamp rather than Le Havre. We did not race, which was just as well as the wind died when the sun came out and all 7 boats had to motor the last few hours.