Monday was a busy day in Carteret for the CCRC Cruise.
In the morning some were off to play golf while others walked to Barneville for supplies or went to the beach to make sand-castles and paddle.
In the afternoon it was the Boules tournament on a particularly challenging pitch: very smooth and sloping to one side. Finalists were Gunshot and Egret though Arcadia’s nearly three-year old set a challenging standard. The final was a tie but Gunshot then won the sudden-death play-off.
Next came an official welcome from both the Barneville-Carteret Yacht Club and the Harbour Master with drinks and speeches; then a barbecue.

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Race and Cruise Start

Friday saw the start of the CCRC Spring Cruise with the race to Cherbourg. The start was moved from Hard to Bembridge Ledge in the hope of some more wind. A smaller than usual fleet of five yachts then headed south with spinnakers and chutes flying in the warm sun. For an hour or two we jostled for position but slowly the wind died and ETAs stretched into Sunday all retired and started motoring.
Then as we approached the shipping lanes the mist gradually thickened and the final approach to Cherbourg was with visibility of maybe 50m or less. We were all grateful for AIS, RADAR, GPS and VHF to navigate, communicate and avoid ships.
Cherbourg was busy with multiple rallies and full of Brits escaping for the long weekend.

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Rolling Start

Like Saturday, Sunday started dull and a bit grey but by lunchtime it was sunny and the afternoon was warm with a building breeze.
The race was started with a CCRC Rolling Start led by Exeat into a SE breeze with 10 starters. From Gleeds we beat to Cambrian and a loop round ECA then on to Chi to finish.
No pictures; sorry!

Race 8

Early Saturday there was patchy fog but this was quickly burned off for a sunny day. The start was delayed slightly to allow a sea breeze to get established and there were some controversial manoeuvres on the line but all away towards the first mark out by the shipping channel. The breeze built slowly so despite the desire from some to finish early in order to shop at Gunwharf Quay the race was hardly shortened at all. Then it was into Portsmouth, a little shopping, some drinks on the pontoon and then an excellent and sociable dinner at Portsmouth Sailing Club. Another splendid day of sailing.

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The Bramidge Race between CCRC and CYC had 12 boats from CCRC (though 2 were guest boats – but welcome none the less) and 6 from CYC. The race started dull and with little wind but soon it was not just dull but raining and still with little wind. Too dull it seems even for photos! Sorry.
At the very social dinner at CYC that evening it was announced that despite the extra handicap on CCRC we still managed to retain the Bramidge trophy.

Race 7

Sunday saw bright blue skies again after Saturday’s anomaly of rain; and it was the CCRC Ladies’ Race where helm must be a lady.
There were 7 starters including a guest boat and at first the wind was light but it built steadily during the race.

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70th Dinner Day

Sunday dawned bright and sunny but with little wind. CCRC boats had a relaxing morning while the Principal Race Officer fretted over whether any wind would arrive so we could have a race to Cowes. Eventually we cut our losses, the RO raised the flags and fired the guns to indicate cancellation and we all headed off to Cowes where most moored up at in the Royal Yacht Squadron Haven and some in Cowes Yacht Haven.
Then it was time to dress overall the boats and relax before dressing ourselves for dinner.
This special dinner at the Squadron was to celebrate 70 years of the CCRC. We had a tour of the Castle and then drinks on the lawn overlooking the Solent in brilliant sunshine. Then we were led into the “Platform” a room specially built for Queen Victoria where we were to have dinner. The dinner was splendid in menu and the social occasion of meeting members old and new. After dinner there were toasts to the Queen, an address about CCRC and its history, and then a toast to the continuing success of the Club.

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