Compromised Race

I’m really sorry about Saturday’s ‘compromised’ race. It was certainly a baptism of fire (or should that be wind) for my first bash as a PRO. The start had to be somewhat cobbled together given a combination of conditions and gear failure, hopefully no one was significantly more compromised than us on Exeat (we still had our headsail on the deck at the one minute).

I imagine that no one was more gutted than Gunshot to discover that they were sailing in a ‘virtual race’. If one is going to sail around imaginary marks then one might as well do it online in the comfort of ones lounge!!. However I was horrified when the gps said 0.01 nm to run and ECA was very obviously not there!

So a genuine congratulations (and humble apology) to Gunshot who had a very real lead at my very unreal mark when I was forced to abandon the race. A similarly humble apology to all the other competitors. It took some fortitude to turn up to race in those conditions, I am very sorry to have failed you all.

On a brighter note, Sunday was a top day out. Thank you Geofon for getting the start set up so efficiently; it was a pleasure working with you. What a difference 10 knots of wind makes, huh?