Summer Mini Series

Saturday’s race was to be the first of the Summer Mini-Series but Storm Miguel produced winds gusting around 35 knots so the race was postponed to Sunday. Despite the winds the crews of some 9 boats still gathered in Northney marina for the barbecue.
Next day the forecast was for only gentle breezes, which increased slightly as a sea breeze rose and ten boats turned out to race in a day of sunny spells.
Our Acting PRO/RO used a RIB to squeeze in the full three races for the mini-series each lasting an hour to an hour and half with varied start and finish points. Each start was quite competitive with some close quarters manoeuvres; a couple being squeezed out and one touching the mark. There was a good mixture of upwind, downwind and reaching legs so plenty of opportunity to test downwind sail launches, drops and packs.
Another great CCRC weekend.