Cruise Report

A report on the cruise from the cruise leader is now on the web site:…/event-reports/2015-14.pdf
as are the cross channel race results:…/event-results/2015-14.pdf

Driftwood Challenge

In blustery conditions (even in the boating lake by Guernsey Yacht Club) many Driftwood Challenge boats were capsized or wrecked but Arcadia’s vessel stormed to a finish before others had got halfway and survived the breaking waves at the far end.

10649100_1631752127070952_5368838772835482271_o-2.jpg 11078120_1631752167070948_3411699868534218428_o-1.jpg 11402631_1631752233737608_2461422615807915990_o-0.jpg

Pyjama Party

Rocky rolly in Victoria Marina this morning as we adjusted our warps again; and this was after the informal pyjama party on deck in the middle of the night.

11411869_1630348437211321_4044864934327531902_o-1.jpg 10368307_1630348407211324_3278290037177459374_o-1-0.jpg