First Weekend of Racing for 2021

Although many members’ boats were not yet launched we went ahead with the first weekend of racing, and what a super weekend it was. With the high pressure over the UK the wind was a bit uncertain for both days but it was there – with it strengthening during both races as it veered to the south. Seven boats competed on each day and each race had short legs in case we needed to shorten, which on Saturday we did.
Brilliant sunshine, a gentle breeze, calm seas, and a chance to sail – what more could we have wanted.

IMG_20210418_132731438-4.jpg IMG_20210417_124839354-3.jpg IMG_20210417_123905603-2.jpg IMG_20210417_120117248_HDR-1.jpg IMG_20210417_120043196_HDR-0.jpg

New Racing Rules of Sailing

There are new Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021 (to 2024) and we now have a link to these as well as other useful documents such as one identifying the actual changes on CCRC Documents page –

Fitting Out Meeting – Online

Friday saw our usual Fitting Out Supper replaced by a Fitting Out Meeting held online with some presentations and sociable discussions of the programme of CCRC events for 2021.
We agreed to go ahead and start racing on Saturday 17th April; while some boat preparation has been delayed there is enough to have a race for those ready. The rest of the CCRC programme remains as per the published list though options for the usual cross-Channel race and Spring Cruise (end of May) remain open as we doubt crossing to France will be likely.
We talked through race start procedures for Race Officers and competitors plus aids like SailEvent and a new link showing the marks CCRC uses.
We all look forward to getting back on the water ASAP.