Bramidge Trophy and Wooden Spoon Races

Saturday saw some 30 yachts gathered on the start line for a single race but with numerous results to be calculated. CCRC was racing in an inter-team race against Chichester Yacht Club, and separately against Channel Sailing Club. Then there were to be the normal CCRC handicap results and an overall result for each boat. Something of a challenge for the Results Officer!
The weather was excellent with a little sun and a gentle northerly breeze; though that breeze had frequent shifts and gusts to keep us all alert. With the number of boats and a reliable breeze the Principal Race Officer was able to set an excellent course which after an initial shortish upwind leg, took us on longer down-wind legs south-west to Winner and then along the shipping lane to Horse Tail and New Grounds before a long beat back to Rizzi and finish at Chi. The Race Office ably handled the start and finish with the number of boats which included many we were not familiar with and/or had no sail number. It was three hours of enjoyable sailing where each wind shift or adjustment showed whether you were gaining or losing against your competitors.
After the race we headed into Chichester for a sociable drinks and excellent supper at Chichester Yacht Club before the results were announced and trophies awarded. CCRC won the Wooden Spoon trophy against CSC; while CYC won the Bramidge Trophy (after a “recount”) against CCRC.
Altogether an excellent day.

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