Bramidge Trophy: CCRC vs CYC

Saturday’s CCRC race was the Bramidge Trophy, an annual team (and individual) race against Chichester Yacht Club which has been run since 1996. Both clubs put forward a good number of competitors (especially CYC). The conditions for the race were excellent with a good northerly breeze – not so strong that downwind sails could not be used but for some it was “close to the edge”. After a short upwind beat from Hard to Sparkes it was a long run out to Horse Elbow, then another long run along the shipping lane to New Grounds before a finishing beat to Chi where some deft dancing was needed around dinghies also racing there.
Then it was off to Chichester Yacht Club for some socialising and dinner – and then the results. The team results were based on final corrected positions of all boats participating. It was a close run result highlighted by first place CYC boat beating second place CCRC boat by 5 seconds. When all were counted CYC won by one point. Well done CYC.

Bramidge-1.jpg IMG_20230513_200604365_HDR-0.jpg