Calypso 2023 Launch

Calypso was launched today, after 8 weeks ashore in the marina car park for the usual yacht maintenance jobs. Pleasingly I had fixed a rainwater leak that had been bothering me for a few months, caused by the sealant around a deck fitting that had failed. It was an easy launch from the enormous Endeavour Quay travel hoist. There was a slight problem when the engine would not start and it was pretty obvious why as it was spinning really fast with no compression! The engineer who had worked on the shaft seal a few weeks ago had left the de compressors enabled. So that was quickly sorted and with a thumbs up to the hoist staff I slipped out from under the hoist. It was now 07:45am and between 2 to 5 degrees C, but sunny. So not to miss an opportunity I popped out of the Portsmouth Harbour entrance and motored around for an hour before returning to my usual marina berth. All was good. Now looking forward to getting the sails handed on ready for a shakedown and the first race of the season.