Commodore’s Bender

Ten boats turned out for the Commodore’s Bender at the weekend which consisted of two innovative races with distant socialising lunch at anchor between them. It was fortunate the event was delayed from Saturday to Sunday as the weather then provided plenty of wind for racing but a calm and sunny anchorage for lunch. It was a shame a few were unable to take part due to the date change. The races allowed competitors to decide on their own start time (within limits) which made for an easier start but more difficulty seeing how you were performing. As for lunch the bay was popular but plenty of room for all, and some hung off other anchored boats to save hassle.
A super day and great to be back on the water.

P1030599-4.JPG P1030589-3.JPG IMG-20200615-WA0009-2.jpg IMG-20200615-WA0005-1.jpg IMG-20200615-WA0002-0.jpg

1 thought on “Commodore’s Bender

  1. Bob Garrett says:

    For us on Intrepid it was very much a shakedown race. Sue helmed all of it (so I was exhausted!) and the plotter has gone “bonkers” so another item for the to-do list. I was surprised how bumpy the Chichester Bar was but it was a southerly wind and ebbing tide.
    Good to see you all there.

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