PRO Thoughts

XC weather forecasting NW backing W for a while between 1000 and 1300. NW is not an easy direction to lay a decent course. So I am hoping for something nearer 270 rather than 315. Either way, I plan to start at Chi.

With probably this course:
Chi start
ECA (p)
Winner (p)
Sparkes (p)
Rizzi (p)
Hard (p)
WE (s)
Chi (s) to finish

About 11 miles with 4 miles of beating, 2.5 miles of beam reaching and 4.5 miles of broad reaching/running.
However, massively subject to change, particularly if the wind is more NW rather than W.
As always, listen to 37a for the actual course.
See you out there! And good luck in tomorrow’s ESSC regatta. Incidentally, We spoke tot RO and he is planning a tight, 2 hour race, staying within Hayling bay.

Guy Mcbride