Race Off (as in not happening)

Well, we did not sail to France today either so we will miss the Tour de France in Cherbourg. However, we did get to see the Round The Island race from above the Needles. A windy day indeed so smaller boats were prohibited (though you can see in the pictures that one did it anyway). The strong winds meant the multihull record was broken with the 50 mile plus course completed in 2 hours 23 mins! But also some incidents with one of the leaders dismasted at the Needles (see picture) and another yacht sank (missed that as we were having elevenses). Lots of yachts close to, and some we think inside, the Varvassi wreck.

13528635_1778460489066781_7166329966175665773_o-7.jpg 13581920_1778460102400153_3318536645965056661_o-6.jpg 13522734_1778460019066828_8607211137673321626_o-5.jpg 13584741_1778459769066853_6310567696300342939_o-4.jpg 13575905_1778459729066857_7830003633112173034_o-3.jpg 13603717_1778459779066852_5417377333892327784_o-2.jpg 13580431_1778459165733580_619507546964372290_o-1.jpg 13558938_1778459179066912_1929722712006090766_o-0.jpg