Shush, don’t tell anyone. Eastern Solent Approaches

A few days ago it was a reminder for me about what a great place for sailing the eastern approaches to the Solent can be. Our sailing day had wind F2-4 from the north, which meant flat seas and probably due to the hot weather there was some variety to the wind direction. Escaping the busy Solent for a day sail we headed east on a reach from Portsmouth along the coast to Bracklesham Bay. Then up with the kite to head deep downwind going offshore for a while. Thinking we need not go too far from home, Gybed the spinnaker then reached a little further offshore with some west in the course. Time to head for home on a beat, mostly full sail and flat sea. We did not at any time have to change course to avoid other vessels and we pretty much has the play ground to ourselves. It does not get any better.