Summer Cruising?

Hi All,
In a theme of “what we did in this summer”, how about members sharing a brief description of their summer sailing ventures whether cruising or racing.
Intrepid is now back and we will share something shortly.

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  1. Stuart King Post author

    Seems a while ago now but Slippers had a terrific summer… again. We opted to sail only when the wind direction/strength was right for where we wanted to go. Consequently, we spent longer in places before moving off and had the opportunity to explore by bike. We cycled from St Cast to Cap Frehel, another day to Erquy. St Quay to Binic for the music and back. St Quay to Paimpol. The french cycle routes are well signed and in good condition. Does anybody fancy the EV4 from Roscoff to Kiev? Cycle along the North French coast, through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Rep. Poland to Ukraine. 4500K although the last bit from Krakou to Kiev isn’t finished yet.
    The new places we visited included Le Legue river and the Chenal Beauchamp in the Iles Chausey but running out of new places to visit in North Brittany

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