Bay Race 22 and Barts Bash

The weekend’s race presented more or a challenge than the previous week with strong winds having been forecast for some days. Saturday was a standard Bay race around the cans in Hayling Bay but the strong winds put off some of the smaller boats. It also meant a rolling start to avoid the Race Officer needing to anchor in the significant swell. Because of the reliable wind the Acting PRO set a fairly long course (11 miles) with some longer legs out towards the shipping lane plus some shorter legs close inshore. With gusts of up to 25 knots no downwind sails were used and some were reefing in and out depending on their heading. The warm temperature and bright blue sky made for an enjoyable but exhilarating sail.

Chimera-and-maybe-Gypsy-Girl-4.jpg Chimera-3.jpg Folkdancer2-2.jpg FolkDancer3-1.jpg P1020483-0.JPG