Three Day Weekend of Races

CCRC weekend racing for the three day weekend was more “dank” than “bank” with very light winds.
Saturday was a race to Cowes with a shifting and variable wind but a good tide. As the PRO said “I feared we might not get to the first mark, then I thought I should have set a longer course, then I thought we would not get to Cowes so we shortened – and then the wind filled in!”. In the end a good race! Once in Cowes some gathered on various boats for drinks, and then it was off to Island Sailing Club for a super supper.
Sunday was most dank! As we set off for the race the drizzle started and with even lighter winds the race started. Beating with the tide was possible but the downwind legs, as the wind dropped and the tide built, were a struggle. Nevertheless most rounded the four marks before the race was shortened as the next leg was likely to be impossible. We headed back into Cowes to dry out and then many headed to The Lifeboat for dinner.
Monday was forecast to have even lighter winds and with a counter tide for the passage back to Chi. We motored to Gleeds where a race was started round a couple of marks towards Chi and then an extra leg in the hope the wind filled in. As it turned out the wind was so light that even when it veered to the south which should have made a broad reach even our low speed made the apparent wind ahead of the beam. Again the race was shortened for a race of around 3 hours. And, of course, as we entered the harbour the sun came out!
Well done to the PROs and ROs for setting courses in difficult circumstances.

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