2022 – Race 1

The first CCRC race of 2022 was delayed from Saturday to Sunday by strong winds with gusts over 30 knots. Sunday still saw fresh winds with gusts of 22knots but also relative calms of just 10 knots. The race started at midday with a CCRC rolling start from Hard for a beat to Chi. Some had reefs in but a few not; then on the downwind legs to Winner and then Horse Tail most shook out those reefs. The sea was relatively calm because of the wind being offshore, and with the warm sunshine it was a pleasant sail. After the first circuit of four buoys there was a further leg out to Hard and then back to Chi and all finished by around 3pm.
A great first race of the year.

Race1-Rounding-Chi-1.jpg Race1-IntrepidRO-Start-0.jpg